As soon as New Year arrives, everyone starts getting excited; as after few months, the festival of colors will be arriving. When in February, Basant Panchami is celebrated that calls for the start of spring season, the excitement starts increasing even more. Spring season also signifies Holi because Holi is considered as the indicator of spring season’s joy, freshness, and happiness.

Summer season comes right after Holi and winters take a leave, finally. All the fields bloom with flowers and makes the whole environment colorful all around. So, in 2016 also, Holi will mark a start of blooming festive season, which will have lots of colors in the lives of people. Celebrate Holi in 2016 with the fragrance of colors and make your lives even more colorful.

Holi is a festival that brings many cultures together. Holi, the festival of colors, has many reasons of celebrations. Hence, the celebration of this festival of colors holds many important significant factors. So, Holi in 2016 should be celebrated by keeping those things in mind.

The main aim of celebrating Holi is the victory of truth and faith in Almighty. Holi depicts that evil always sees a defeat and good always wins. In today’s world, when there are lots of evil practices that are prevalent in society, Holi is the right time to kill all the evil thoughts that arise in the heart and enjoy the festival of colors with joy as well as excitement.

Holi in 2016 should be celebrated by everyone with one thing to be kept in mind that on this day they will burn up all bad thoughts in the bonfire of Holi, and make their lives as colorful as the festival of colors i.e. Holi.

As now you know the significance of the Holi festival, also you know that why it is important to celebrate the festival of colors in 2016; you should get aware of what happened in the past that led us to celebrate Holi in 2016.