The entry Double doors, one for entry and one for exit transport you into the renaissance era. As soon as you enter, the 26ft ceiling, opulent chandeliers, an oriental tapestry, welcome the Rembrandt in you. The whole exp of being at UCH looking at its Victorian setting English furniture gives you a piece of royalty.  This mesmerizing experience has nothing to do with food but makes you visit the bygone era. The whole place, simply transport you into the nostalgic times.

Complimenting this feel, slow jazz and gospel music melodies help you relate the UCH with the golden times and give a retro seeking experience.

In this harmonius setting of era and royalty comes the prompt butler service which helps you provie comfort and care.

Food compliments the Victorian era which UCH is an epitome of serving British colonial classics, French and European gourmet delights, North West frontier and Dehlvi cuisine. Developing urban Delhi food progressing through decades and more comfort food, sharing platter experiences.